The Association of British Fungus Groups

The website of the U.K.s leading charity in mycological conservation. FCT members are all amateur enthusiasts who want to broaden their interest in fungi and to help with the conservation of mushrooms and toadstools as they come under increased threat from depletion of woodlands and changes in agricultural practice.
Registered Charity No. 1118651

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Absidia spinosa var. spinosa Absidia spinosa var. spinosa Lendn.
Heteroacanthella acanthophysa Acanthellorhiza globulifera P. Roberts
Aleurodiscus delicatus Acanthobasidium delicatum (Wakef.) Oberw. ex Julich
Aleurodiscus norvegicus Acanthobasidium norvegicum (J. Erikss. and Ryvarden) Boidin, Lanq., Cand., Gilles and Hugueney
Aleurodiscus phragmitis Acanthobasidium phragmitis Boidin, Lanq., Gilles, Cand. and Hugueney
Resupinatus applicatus Acanthocystis applicatus (Batsch) Kuhner
Hohenbuehelia cyphelliformis Acanthocystis cyphelliformis (Berk.) Konrad and Maubl.
Hohenbuehelia petaloides Acanthocystis geogenia (DC.) Kuhner
Hohenbuehelia longipes Acanthocystis longipes (Boud.) J. Favre
Hohenbuehelia culmicola Acanthocystis petaloides var. macrospora Bon
Sarcomyxa serotina Acanthocystis serotinus (Pers.) Konrad and Maubl.
Resupinatus applicatus Acanthocystis striatula (Pers.) Kuhner
Rhachomyces lasiophorus Acanthomyces lasiophora Thaxt.
Acanthonitschkea tristis Acanthonitschkea tristis (Pers.) Nannf.
Acanthophiobolus helicosporus Acanthophiobolus chaetophorus (P. Crouan and H. Crouan) Svrcek
Acanthophiobolus helicosporus Acanthophiobolus helicosporus (Berk. and Broome) J. Walker
Acanthophiobolus helicosporus Acanthophiobolus helminthosporus (Rehm) Berl.
Dendrothele acerina Acanthophysium acerinum (Pers.) G. Cunn.
Aleurodiscus apricans Acanthophysium apricans (Bourdot) G. Cunn.
Aleurodiscus delicatus Acanthophysium delicatum (Wakef.) Parmasto