The Association of British Fungus Groups

The website of the U.K.s leading charity in mycological conservation. FCT members are all amateur enthusiasts who want to broaden their interest in fungi and to help with the conservation of mushrooms and toadstools as they come under increased threat from depletion of woodlands and changes in agricultural practice.
Registered Charity No. 1118651

Synonym List

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Abortiporus biennis Abortiporus biennis (Bull.) Singer
Abrothallus bertianus Abrothallus bertianus Massee
Abrothallus caerulescens Abrothallus caerulescens Kotte
Abrothallus cetrariae Abrothallus cetrariae Kotte
Abrothallus cladoniae Abrothallus cladoniae (Ellis and Everh.) Clauzade, Diederich and Cl. Roux
Abrothallus bertianus Abrothallus glabratulae Kotte
Micarea inquinans Abrothallus inquinans Tul.
Dactylospora lobariella Abrothallus lobariellus (Nyl.) Zopf
Abrothallus microspermus Abrothallus microspermus Tul.
Phaeopyxis punctum Abrothallus moorei Linds.
Phacopsis oxyspora Abrothallus oxysporus Tul.
Abrothallus parmeliarum Abrothallus parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Nyl.
Abrothallus prodiens Abrothallus parmeliarum forma prodiens Harm.
Abrothallus parmotrematis Abrothallus parmotrematis Diederich
Abrothallus prodiens Abrothallus prodiens (Harm.) Clauzade, Diederich and Cl. Roux
Buellia pulverulenta Abrothallus pulverulentus Anzi
Abrothallus suecicus Abrothallus suecicus (Kirschst.) Nordin
Abrothallus usneae Abrothallus usneae Stein
Abrothallus welwitschii Abrothallus welwitschii Mont.
Absconditella annexa Absconditella annexa (Arnold) Vezda