The Association of British Fungus Groups

The website of the U.K.s leading charity in mycological conservation. FCT members are all amateur enthusiasts who want to broaden their interest in fungi and to help with the conservation of mushrooms and toadstools as they come under increased threat from depletion of woodlands and changes in agricultural practice.
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Species Management

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Zygorhynchus psychrophilus Zygorhynchus
Zygosaccharomyces bailii Zygosaccharomyces
Zygosaccharomyces microellipsoides Zygosaccharomyces
Zygosaccharomyces rouxii Zygosaccharomyces
Zygospermella insignis Zygospermella
Zygosporium echinosporum Zygosporium
Zygosporium gibbum Zygosporium
Zygosporium minus Zygosporium
Zygosporium mycophilum Zygosporium
Zygosporium oscheoides Zygosporium